Elikia Services

A financing and support service that allows you to obtain advances on your future streaming revenue, ticket sales, 6 months before the release of the single, EP, Album, or the start of the tour. This solution funds your releases of Singles, EPs, Albums, Concerts. Our team then supports the release to maximize the success of the project.

We provide you with a team of about ten specialists in digital strategy, marketing, communication, image, artistic project management, creation, media, platform relations, career development, and additional revenue.

Elikia Releases

An AI tool that recommends your single to an interested audience at the time of its release. One to two weeks after your single's release, we analyze contextual data from the first two weeks of listening. We cross-reference the metadata of your single with the data from these first 2 weeks of listening to identify a similar audience. This allows us to launch campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. The data from these campaigns are regularly updated in our AI tool every week, ensuring recommendations to qualified audiences over a period of 6 months.

Elikia Releases contributes to increasing your organic audience by recommending your single to better-qualified listeners than a traditional campaign.

How Much does it cost to use our services ?

It's simple. If you have a sufficient audience, we will take a commission on the streaming revenue of the project we distributed. If you don't have enough audience yet, we will agree on a monthly package for a specified period.